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Setting up the building the day before your rental is not permitted.  If you want to set up the day before you must rent it for that day as well.  If you want to set up the night before (after 7:00 pm) you must contact Peoples Bank.  They will make a decision based on the member activity or other rental activity taking place that evening.  Any concerns may be discussed with a city council member.

Lester Community Center Rental Information

Members and non-members of the Lester Community Center can rent the building.  To check the available dates click on the Community Center Calendar page or call Pam Hawf at 712-470-4382 or 712-478-4657.  24 hour notice is requested when renting the building.

Rentals:  If you rent the small room you will have access to the large room (gym) unless the large room (gym) has been rented by another party.  If you rent only the small room, the members still have access to the gym.  To ensure you have access to the small room and the gym (with no public interference) you must rent the entire building.

The kitchen is available for all rentals and must be shared if two rentals are taking place at the same time (ex. One party rents the small room and one party rents the gym).  At no time is the fitness center included in the rental (you and your guest must stay out of the fitness center).  All renters will be provided with a renter’s agreement that outlines the expectations.  A cleaning deposit is required.  If the expectation are met, the cleaning deposit check will be shredded.  If the expectations are not met, the cleaning deposit will be used.  No rooms are considered rented until two checks are received (one for the cleaning deposit and one for the rental amount.)

Rental information

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