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Veteran's Memorial

Lester Memorial was designed to honor all branches of the Armed Forces as well as honoring our deceased and living veterans.


The bronze statue of the soldier's equipment - boots, helmet and rifle is a visible reminder of honoring our fallen soldier.

  • The helmet and identification tags identify  the fallen soldier.

  • The inverted rifle with the bayonet signals a time for prayer and a break from the action to pay tribute to the dead.

  • The combat boots represent the final march on the last battle.


These soldiers have taken place in their final battle. This is a way we say goodbye to our brothers and sisters in arms.


Behind each soldier is a family.  Families lives are forever changed by the loss of their loved ones who has served in the armed forces. Families serve too.


The Symbol on the front of the granite pedestal shows a woman's hand clutching he American Flag that has been draped over her husband, son or daughter's coffin.  Besides her memories, this is all she has left of her loved one.


The gold star, in the center, symbolizes the Gold Star Mothers.  Behind every soldier is a mother.  She's a mother who hates to see her son or daughter go off and fight in a war, but yet she is proud that he/she has chosen to serve their country.  A Gold Star Mother is s mother who has has a child that dies in action serving their country.  Since the incorporation of the Edward Bouwman Legion Auxiliary, we have had one Gold Star Mother, which was Mrs. John (Jacoba) Bouwman, Edward's mother.  Edward was killed on March 5, 1945 in Germany while serving in the United States Army


The prayer on the back of the tablet are words we felt a soldier would be praying...

Lord, wrap your arms around me in this hostile, brutal place; Let me draw peace and comfort from your restful, sweet embrace.  Help me to do my duty to uphold what is right; Give me strength and courage each day and each night.  Lord, hear this soldier's prayer to you in heaven above; Protect me with your power, and sustain me with your love. Amen

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